Attention all Parents of current members, and potential new members. We have an urgent requirement for coaches and helpers in all sessions, particularly the Monday 5.30pm/6.15pm/7pm sessions.

You may not have any experience in coaching swimming, so why not help out the existing coaches, by being a poolside helper?

Courses are available also, which the Club will fund. You may not be able to help out every session, but any help is appreciated.

Coleraine Swimming Club is a successful swimming Club, operated only by unpaid volunteers.

We can only continue to be successful and to offer a service to the community, if we have the continued support of parents.
There is a real danger that if we can’t secure the involvement of parents, then sessions will be cut and galas may not be able to be run.
So please, for the sake of the Club, for the sake of the swimmers, get involved.

There is great satisfaction to be gained from helping the kids especially when you see their improvement over time.

If you could help out please fill in the form below, letting us know what you would be able to do and when you’re available to help.

I'm interested in helping out with:

I can help on: