Coleraine Swimming Club was founded in September 1969 by Jim Foote, Helen Birch, Elsa Rowbottom, Eamon O’Hara and others with the aim of promoting the art of swimming. The Clubs objectives are to:

  • To respect the rights, dignity and worth of each individual
  • To ensure that the health, safety and welfare of each Club member is paramount
  • To positively encourage each swimmer to develop their full potential and provide feedback on progress
  • To encourage the spirit of fair play and reinforce its principles
  • To promote the enjoyment of sport as a priority
  • To actively encourage parents/guardians to participate in the development of the Club

The Club has approximately 30-35 volunteer coaches who teach children at various levels of ability from starting to swim to the competitive level and the club membership stands around 150 members.

The Club swimmers are split into 2 groups, the Aquasprint, which is for children up to 10/11 years old, and the Provincial Towns League (PTL) Squad which is for more experienced swimmers who are 8 years and older.


Frequently Asked Questions

Either by the Facebook site or by email to
David Curry(Chairperson), Joanne Ilsley (Secretary), Gavin Eakin (Treasurer), Lynn Montgomery, Gary Greene, Nicola Murray, Rhonda Richmond, Rhodri Jones, Sharon Cooper
The committee meet every 2 months, but should an issue arise that requires the committee’s input, then a meeting can be called at any time. We also communicate by email on various issues in between meetings.
Committee selection is held at the AGM. Interested parties should contact the Secretary in advance of the AGM.
The Club is managed on daily basis by the coaching staff and the Management team of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • 5.30pm Session – Joanne Ilsley
  • 6.15pm Session –  Rhodri Jones
  • 7.00pm Session – Gerry McEwan
  • 8.00pm Session – Simon Walton / David Curry
  • Membership forms are available from the website in June. Trials are held in late August, and after confirmation of existing member registrations, then places can be offered. The waiting list is only valid for 1 year.
  • Should the child meet the criteria, be able to swim 25m and be over the age of 5, then they will be invited to a trial session at the end of August.
  • Once the existing members re-apply, early September, we then know what places are available and in what session.
  • The top ranked Children who fit into the available sessions are notified and start in the middle of September
  • Unsuccessful children are kept on the waiting list and the sessions are reviewed in December and we have another trials night for the next ranking children.
  • A new waiting list is compiled at the start of each year, and you have to re-apply each year.
  • Membership to the club is decided by the committee and not one person to ensure fairness.
The fees for 2016/2017 season are £190.00. It includes entry to all training sessions, which is by invitation, based on times and age group. Included also are the subscriptions fees payable to Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland, gala costs and training costs.

There are sessions on Mondays 5.30pm – 9.30pm, Tuesdays 5.30pm – 6.30pm/8.30pm – 10.00pm, Wednesdays 4.45pm – 6.30pm, Thursdays 5.15pm – 6.15pm/8.30pm – 10.00pm, Saturdays 8.45am – 9.30am/5.00pm – 6.00pm

  • All of the above competitions are swum as ‘age on day’. This means each swimmer will be placed into the age category at each gala dependant on their age on the last day of the gala.
    • Swim Ulster run galas/meets from September to June each season, for children who wish to swim at a higher competitive level.
        • These meets are organised throughout the season to encourage young and novice swimmers to gain experience and try to achieve qualification times at longer distances in their chosen strokes.
      • QUALIFYING MEETS (see su website for qualifying times)
        • Once a swimmer has achieved 3 qualification times in 2 different events, they are eligible to enter the qualifying meets. These galas allow the faster swimmers to achieve qualifying times for the Ulster Age Group and Youth Championships held in March each year. This is the showcase competition for junior Ulster swimmers.
        • This is for swimmers who have not made any of the qualifying standards for the Ulster Age Group and Youth Championships, and is scheduled for June.
    • The galas start at 9am and run all day until approximately 6pm. It is therefore advisable to only swim either the morning session or the afternoon session. Pool banks are very warm and children quickly get dehydrated and tired if they are on the poolside for too long. It is also detrimental to their swimming performance and parental sanity!
    • Parents are responsible for the transport to and from the meets, and for their child’s well-being whilst they are there. Swim Ulster expect competing clubs at these galas to help run them, so parents can expect to be asked occasionally to time-keep, collate results etc.
    • The 2 most popular ‘open galas’ are the Bangor Junior Open, held in February and the Ards Junior Open, held in May. These are fun galas aimed at 12yrs and under. More details on these will be available nearer the time.
    • Swim Ulster set very strict closing dates for the entry into these galas. Late entries are not accepted
    • Please email your entries to
    • I MUST RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL ONE WEEK BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE PUBLISHED ON THE WEBSITE to allow time to collate all entries electronically.
    • Please include the following details-NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, DISTANCE & STROKE (please include latest pb if known) and PARENT CONTACT NUMBER (in case of any queries with entries)
    • The club treasurer will keep a record of all entries and each swimmer will receive an invoice at the end of the season for all entry fees and any fines levied for any ‘no shows’
  • Selection for galas are made using times that swimmers have achieved during the time trials and in previous galas. It is therefore very important that swimmers attend the time trials.
  • Every time a swimmer swims in a timed event his / her time is recorded on a ‘Hy-tech’ database. This database is used to select the team for galas and it also selects which swimmers compete in each event
  • Selection is therefore based on personal best times (PBs) rather than the most recent times achieved.
  • Aquasprint selection will not always be the 2 fastest swimmers.
    • In some age groups there is very little difference between the top 4/5 swimmers. Hopefully this will help increase gala experience for younger swimmers and prevent fatigue at events.
    • Swimmers can only take part in a max of 5 out of 6 events (with the exception of the final).
  • How often are time trials
    • Time trials are held every few months, and we use these times to assist with gala selection and lane selection for training.
  • How do you determine what session for swimmers
    • Swimmers are allocated by Age group, then ranking by the 100 Individual Medley time in case of a split age group over 2 sessions.
  • As a parent of a club member, how can I help at the club?
    • Parent help is vital to the running of the club – we would not be able to operate without it. If you can help, please do.  Volunteers are always required for timekeeping (holding a stopwatch!), data inputting, marshalling, tea-making etc at galas.  Anyone with admin, fundraising or any other specialist skill would be welcome and the club always relies on parent coaches, with courses and support offered to those interested.
  • How can you purchase Club gear?
    • We have a supply agreement with Eurowname Coleraine. At the start of each season we do an entire Club order, in order to keep the prices low.